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San Bartolo

San Bartolo

Sister parish in El Salvador, San Bartolo.

For the past thirteen years, Resurrection has been paired with a sister parish in El Salvador, San Bartolo. San Bartolo is located on the outskirts of San Salvador, the capital. It is a huge parish with 100,000 people, who are mostly poor. The parish is staffed by Irish Franciscan priests and two orders of European nuns. The needs within the parish are pressing. There are virtually no governmental programs for the poor and even public school for the children is expensive. The parish provides many social welfare programs and offers the children an opportunity to go to school that they would not have. Resurrection has long supported the parish day care center. The center provides care for young children that might be otherwise locked in their home while their parents were at work. Other ministries include outreach to senior citizens, the unemployed, and gang members. The parish also has a health care clinic, sewing co- operative, and educational programs for new mothers, adult literacy, and religious instruction.

A dozen or more Resurrection parishioners, including doctors, nurses, dentists and non-medical support personnel have been offering medical services in San Bartolo for a week each year since 2001.

Our relationship with San Bartolo allows us at Resurrection to look beyond our society and reach out in a personal way to our brothers and sisters in the Third World.

For more information about the San Bartolo program, please contact parishioners Bob Krasnansky, 4bobkras@comcast.net, or Gina Maclean, g.maclean@verizon.net