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Advent Collections

Advent Collections

During Advent the Church has three special collections for our outreaches.  The first weekend we collect stuffed animals and blankets, the second weekend we collect hats, scarves, and gloves, and the third weekend we collect shirts and sweaters.  Since we are not able adopt all families in need from our outreaches, these collections supplement these outreaches.  

The stuffed animals and blankets support the Resurrection Youth  Group activities.  Some of the animals go to senior citizens in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Some of the hats/scarves/gloves go to Our Daily Bread for their client's Christmas luncheon. Others go to Corpus Christi, St. Veronica, or St. Gregory depending on where there is a need.

The shirts go to a men's outreach and  the women's and children's sweaters go to Corpus Christi, St. Veronica, and St. Gregory.

For more information or to help with these collections, please contact Barbara Rieve at blrieve@yahoo.com.