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The Gabriel Network (formerly known as the Gabriel Project) is a faith-based nonprofit pregnancy support network that provides practical, emotional, and spiritual assistance to women and families facing crisis pregnancies.

The Gabriel Network is comprised of churches, volunteers and maternity homes working in conjunction with pregnancy centers and other support agencies. Services include transitional maternity housing and emergency shelter, 24/7 helpline support, transportation, adoption awareness, education/scholarships, computer training, job assistance, resource listings and referrals for other services.

The Gabriel Project is named after the Archangel Gabriel who, after announcing news of an “unexpected” pregnancy, declared to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, “Be not afraid… Nothing is impossible with God.”  It is with these same hope-filled and encouraging words that we greet women today who are facing “crisis” or unexpected pregnancies.

We truly believe that, like you, every human being is a gift from God, and that every woman and every child receives from the moment of her conception a God-given mission which only she can fulfill.  We believe that love—without condition—is the only adequate response to each and every person, born or unborn.  This is the love that God our Father has graciously shown to us through the gift of His Son Jesus Christ, and it is the love we are called to share with each other.

And we believe that with God, all things are possible.  Love can find a way through even the most difficult or confusing moments of our lives.  Sometimes it involves great sacrifices or relying on the help of others, but God always provides a way.  So even though an unexpected pregnancy can be difficult to accept, we’re here with “good news” for each pregnant woman who comes to us: You’re not alone anymore.  You have people around you who will walk with you each step of the way, be there for you, and help you get the resources you need to put a plan together for your future.

If you are facing a crisis pregnancy or know someone who is, call now at 1-800-ANGEL-OK (1-800-264-6535) and let us open wide these doors of friendship and support for you.

If you would like to know more about offering your time and love to the Gabriel Network at Church of the Resurrection, contact: Anena Callahan, 410-461-9111, x 536.


For additional information, go to www.gabrielnetwork.org