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Ranger Rosaries


This ministry's purpose is --
To pray

  • for peace in our world, and
  • for the safety and protection of our nation's service men and women and their families--especially for those who have been placed on our Parish Military Prayer List by their loved ones and for the men and women who will received the rosaries we make; and

To make rosaries for our troops

  • serving in harm's way,
  • preparing to be deployed, or
  • being treated in military hospitals.

Short History

The Ranger Rosary Ministry originated in February 2003 at St. Mary's parish in Annapolis at the start of the Iraqi War. It soon spread to nearby parishes in the Baltimore Archdiocese. In June 2004, a group formed at Resurrection. Today, in Maryland, more than a dozen parish groups that began as satellites of either St. Mary's or Resurrection have now advanced to freestanding member status. Another dozen + groups have cropped up across the country, making our network truly national. More information is available at www.rangerrosary.com. The 25+ network churches have collectively sent over one million rosaries to our troops through over 1000 chaplains of all faiths-- Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant and even at least one Jewish Rabbi--in all branches of the services. For its share of the total effort, Resurrection coordinates all chaplains' orders and shipments for the entire network. It has also supplied over 135,000 rosaries in the past 11years (nearly 15,000 a year since 2009).  New orders and reorders from chaplains continue to arrive almost daily. We are happy to continue supplying these chaplains because we hear from them all the time that our rosaries provide hope and remind the servicemen and women that God and His Mother, the Queen of Peace, are watching over them and their families.

Volunteer Opportunities

This is a wonderful opportunity for every member of the parish, old and young, families, the homebound, to be involved in working for peace. There is a job for everyone: counting beads, measuring parachute cord, bagging kits, actually making the rosaries, and praying for peace.

A daytime group meets the second and fourth Wednesday mornings of the month at 9:30 am until noon in Multi-Purpose Rooms 3 and 4 on the ground floor below the gym. An evening group usually meets second and fourth Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:00 pm in Multi-Purpose Room 3. (In those rare months in which the first day of the month is a Wednesday, the evening group meets on the last day of the preceding month and the 2nd Tuesday of the month so that the evening meetings still occur back-to-back with the Wednesday morning meetings.)   


Financial support to buy supplies (including cord, beads, crucifixes, prayer cards, scapulars) and to mail shipments comes solely from private donations. Making and shipping a rosary made of parachute cord and opaque plastic beads, along with a Rosary Guide and Divine Mercy prayer card, cost approximately $1.00 per set. If you would like to help fund this ministry, donations designated for Ranger Rosaries may be sent to the church office. We also have two poor boxes a year devoted to the support of this ministry.  Additionally,  EFT donations may be made by checking the Ranger Rosary Ministry as one of your designations through Faith Direct.   

The group also maintains a prayer list of those on active duty in the military, safely returned, injured, or killed. You can submit that persons name and branch of service to Anne Chatham at jcac88@comcast.net or 410-992-8117. Picture boards outside the chapel and in the vestibule of the church are also available for family members to post pictures of their loved ones who are serving in the military.

COORDINATOR: Julie Walton, 410-461-4603 or juliehwalton@comcast.net

Daily Commitment to Prayer and Fasting

Vital to our mission for peace are prayer and fasting. Fasting can be as simple as giving up one thing a day: your morning coffee, that afternoon pick-me-up coke, a favorite TV show, an angry response. Prayer is opening yourself to, and placing yourself in, the presence of God. As you pray, please include these petitions:

In union with Your Heart, Lord, we pray:

Surround our servicemen and women, and all who serve,
with your peace and protection.

Surround their families with your comfort.

Surround all world leaders with your wisdom to understand
and follow your will.

Surround our world and all who suffer from war and violence
with your healing.

Surround our hearts, our families, our country, our world with your love

As we draw nearer to the heart of God, yielding more and more of ourselves, God's presence and power can flow out of us and fill our world which desperately needs His love, peace and healing.